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With my years in the business as well as my ongoing consults with people in media and casting, I'm more than happy to be your guide as to what looks good in your material and to shape it so that it shows your best self.

It's part of the reason I always start with with a consult with a new client where we talk about you and your career goals (plus, I like chatting with fellow creatives. It's fun!).

Here's the thing: when it comes to this with your media material: the opinion that matters the most is yours.

We can can get in our own way when it comes to presenting ourselves to the world. So below are a few helpful tips when it comes to putting out your demo reel:

1) Show the first passes of your material to people your trust...but only show it to three people, tops. Preferably someone in the business. Your parents/spouse/partner/kids are lovely people, but they're not sitting on the other side of the table.

2) When you see your material for the first time and when you get feedback on it, keep in mind:

Does this represent me?

Is this how I want to be seen?

It's easy to get overwhelmed with what other people think. We can fall into the rabbit hole of what other people think and lose what makes us unique in the process. 

Always remember that ultimately, this is about you.

Always remember that you're the one driving the bus.

Now get that bus out on the road!

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What's it all about?

How long should my reel be?

Do I need a comedic and dramatic reel?

Do I even need a reel, or should I just do clips or demo?

What's a speed/sizzle reel?

How can I get my footage?

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I know, I know. So many questions, so many reason to keep putting of getting your demo reel done, and the business and the rules keep changing!

My clients kept after me to answer them in a Facebook Live, and so that's what I did. For those of you who missed it, it's now here. 

Click and have a look!

Then shoot me an email, and let's chat about finally checking

"get my demo"

off your "to do" list.

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